Laravel: Get the right totals using aggregate queries such as count(), avg(), etc

Laravels fluent query markup makes life real easy, too easy sometimes. Getting $query->groupBy(‘column’)->count() to spit out the correct count for the recordset instead of the total before the aggregate took me a few minutes to figure out, so I thought I’d share. Imagine the following were rows of the Persons table: [‘name’ => ‘Tom’, ‘age’ […]

Sheet Faker: Dummy / test CSV & XLSX (Excel) file generation

Recently I’ve had the need to generate extremely large CSV, ODS & XLSX files for testing. I’ve ended up creating a CSV dummy data generation tool in PHP which is capable of generating large datasets in a relatively small amount of time. Check it out on GitHub: Sheet Faker – CSV / Excel test data generation. […]

Theme Development in Concrete 5.7 – HTML5 Starter Theme

I’ve used concrete5 for the last few years when developing anything from small ten page websites to complex 500+ page sites with workflows and advanced permission sets. It’s an amazing CMS but one problem from a development perspective has been it’s lack of standards adoption and kind of messy application structure (in comparison to modern web application […]

CountDown Gadget (Version 2)

A brand new rather old version of my simple count down timer. Changeable skins, font styles, sizes, colours, time display formats & more. Note that this gadget requires Window 7 or Vista, it is not compatible with Windows 8+. Features: A new more up-to-date look and feel Counts up as well as down Allows selection of […]

C# Animated Tray Icon

Overview Animated tray icons are a useful way of alerting users of changes to your applications state. Unfortunately the .NET frameworks tray icon offering doesn’t support animation so I decided to write a reusable component that extends the tray icon to incorporate the desired functionality. Another notable feature of this implementation is that it supports […]

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