C# Animated Tray Icon

Overview Animated tray icons are a useful way of alerting users of changes to your applications state. Unfortunately the .NET frameworks tray icon offering doesn’t support animation so I decided to write a reusable component that extends the tray icon to incorporate the desired functionality. Another notable feature of this implementation is that it supports […]

The quickest way to add a custom folder icon in C# .NET

There are lots of long-winded methods out there that show you how to add / change a folders icon, below is a short C# class method that just gets the job done. To change a folder icon we need to accomplish the following: Ensure the target folder has the ‘System’ attribute applied to it Add […]

My big fat ambitious ‘bucket list’

“Anyone motivated to be successful—to really make an impact with your life—has a list of things they want to do.” – thrillingheroics.com My constantly changing list of goals to accomplish before I kick it are … Personal Goals Paragliding license Private pilots license Commercial pilots license Fly for a living for at least year Move to […]

Building a JavaScript Toggle Button using jQuery

Not that there aren’t enough examples & implementations of javascript toggle buttons on Google, here’s another to add to the collection. This plugins main features / capabilities are: Cross browser compatible As accessible & screen reader friendly as possible Light-weight & easy to use Works with both image sprites & regular HTML buttons Single & […]

EU Cookie Law: UK Government ‘break’ the law they imposed

Following on from my last article on The EU Cookie Law, I decided to check and see whether the government had updated its sites to adhere to the new law it imposed in May 2011. Number 10 Downing Street No request to send me cookies. Looks like their using Google Analytics though! Website: www.number10.gov.uk Direct.gov.uk […]