How I saved £281+ per year subscribing to Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

‘Wait, what? £79 for a year?’ my mother exclaimed as I explained why I would order her the latest book and get it delivered free. Here was another person I was going to have to explain why I thought the £79 per year prime price tag was not so ludicrous. So I thought I’d write a blog post and explain why I pay this and why I think Amazon Prime is worth recommending.

1. Next Day Deliveries

If I need to procure something I check Amazon first. They’re usually the cheapest, usually have it in stock and can deliver next day before 8pm. Simple.

I do not do this for items that I may require advice or consultation on before hand, for these services and products, I’ll shop local.

2. Access to Amazon Prime Movies / TV

With two FireTv sticks, it clearly makes sense to add an ever growing collection of films & tv series. Until recently we didn’t have a Netflix subscription (£9.99  p/m in it’s own right) and this filled the gap amazingly well.

3. Unlimited Photo Storage

Saying ‘goodbye’ to my $14 p/m Dropbox subscription was welcomed when I found out I could store all of those gigabytes of archive photos for no additional cost with Amazon.

4. Access to Amazon Prime Music

Again, ‘good bye’ to my £9.99 Spotify subscription, loads of free music and stations to listen to.


By subscribing to Amazon Prime, I’ve saved myself ~£30 p/m (Spotify + DropBox + Netflix) and I get FREE next day deliveries, that’s why I opted for prime at £6.53 p/m (£79 p/y / 12 = £6.53).

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TLDR; This post contains affiliate links.

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