HTML: 15 of the most asked questions

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the cornerstone of the modern internet. Below you can find the questions people ask most about the language, its elements and tags. HTML was originally released in 1993 and is the markup language used to create pages and applications on the internet. HTML elements are the building blocks of pages […]

Laravel: Get the right totals using aggregate queries such as count(), avg(), etc

Laravels fluent query markup makes life real easy, too easy sometimes. Getting $query->groupBy(‘column’)->count() to spit out the correct count for the recordset instead of the total before the aggregate took me a few minutes to figure out, so I thought I’d share. Imagine the following were rows of the Persons table: [‘name’ => ‘Tom’, ‘age’ […]

Theme Development in Concrete5 – HTML5 Starter Theme

Last updated in June 2018. I’ve used concrete5 for the last few years nearly the last decade while developing anything from small ten page websites to complex 500+ page sites with workflows and advanced permission sets. It’s an amazing CMS but one problem from a development perspective has been it’s lack of standards adoption and kind of messy […]