CountDown Gadget (Version 2)

A brand new rather old version of my simple count down timer.


Changeable skins, font styles, sizes, colours, time display formats & more. Note that this gadget requires Window 7 or Vista, it is not compatible with Windows 8+.


  • A new more up-to-date look and feel
  • Counts up as well as down
  • Allows selection of the weekdays to exclude from the count
  • 5 different skins (small & large)
  • Count down to custom time / date
  • Switchable date / time display format (Full, Days, Hours, Minutes)
  • Scroll-able Strap line / Message
  • Count down accuracy improved
  • Other stability issues, patched.

Get the CountDown gadget

Click here to get your copy of CountDown v2.

15 thoughts on “CountDown Gadget (Version 2)”

  1. Vicky says:

    Good but can’t be moved

  2. Vicky says:

    Above is not an issue (Sorry) but another issue is that it doesn’t match the size with other gadgets even when in small size

  3. Storm1960 says:

    Does not work at all for me.

    1. olsgreen says:

      @Storm1960 That’s not good 🙁 Use the contact form to send me your e-mail if you’d like to try and get it working.

  4. melissasmith1 says:

    I had your previous countdown gadget and loved it! But I’ve gotten a new computer and its running windows 8…your gadget isn’t compatible 🙁 Will you be updating it anytime soon?

    1. olsgreen says:

      @melissasmith1 Yup, Microsoft did away with gadgets in favor of the ‘Live Tiles’ in Windows 8 🙁 I may make one of those in time for the new year 🙂

      1. melissasmith1 says:

         YEA!! I would love a countdown live tile!

      2. @olsgreen  @melissasmith1 I agree with you.

  5. Storm1960 says:

    I tried it on another computer and it work fine.  The question I have can I put the full format of having all show the days, hours min sec like your previous count down timer.  The V2 only gives me two to choose from hr min day or week.

  6. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really ended reading your blog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon

  7. Claude says:

    Todays date is April 3 2013. Date to count down is March 3 2017. Your countdown is showing 1429 days and an other is showing 1430 days. Whitch one is right?  Could you be missing a leap year?

  8. PhoneService says:

    Wow, I like this one, you can personally customize the application by the way you like it. thanks for sharing!

  9. melissasmith1 says:

    Hi there! Just stopping by to see if there is any news of a Win8 tile on the horizon. (fingers crossed!)

  10. Sabi says:

    Hi Oliver! i have used the old count down always, and I unfortunately just had an HDD that died and I lost it. Google tells me it was taken down by the 30st of October.. Is it possible that you could upload the old here as a tiny link in the bottom or send it through email as I prefer that one because its so discrete and I can get the full time down to seconds.

    Kind regards Sabi
    Thanks in advance

    1. oliver says:

      Hey Sabi, Why not use the new one?

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