Sheet Faker: Dummy / test CSV & XLSX (Excel) file generation

Recently I’ve had the need to generate extremely large CSV, ODS & XLSX files for testing. I’ve ended up creating a CSV dummy data generation tool in PHP which is capable of generating large datasets in a relatively small amount of time.

Check it out on GitHub: Sheet Faker – CSV / Excel test data generation.

Sheet Faker

As it says on the tin, Sheet Faker allows you to efficiently create large CSV, ODS & XLSX files containing fake / test data.

Credit to the Faker package which is used to generate the data and Box’s Sprout to create the files.


# Install via composer
composer create-project olsgreen/sheet-faker

cd sheet-faker

# Run
./faker generate csv

Not got composer installed? See here.

Arguments & Options

  • format – CSV, ODS or XLSX
  • path – Fully qualified writable path to save the file.
  • –locale – The desired locale of the test data see here for a list of available locales.
  • –rows – The number of rows to generate.
  • –columns – A comma separated list of columns specified using Faker formatter names see here for a full list of possible data types.


./faker generate csv /data/my.csv --rows=1000 --columns=firstName,lastName,email --locale=fr_FR

The CSV file generated would be saved to /data/my.csv, have the column headers of First Name, Last Name & Email and contain 1000 rows of fake data based on French locale.


Released under the MIT Licence. See the bundled LICENSE file for details.

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