Netgear WG111T – Windows 7 x32/x64 Driver Installation

Update Nov ’15: This guide reportedly gets the Netgear WG111T to work on Windows 10 (previews) as well as Windows 8 and Vista, read the comments.

I recently needed to use my Netgear WG111T on Windows 7 / x64. There seems to be some confusion out there about how to ‘obtain’ / install the drivers in Win 7 so I thought I’d try and help people out there (especially my uncle) with a step by step guide.

I have also extracted the just drivers from the Netgear setup software so you can install the adapter without installing all of Netgears utilities with it. (As Win7/Vista no longer needs any of the connection software).

You can download the driver files from me here: WG111T_Driver_Ryanzip (Courtesy of Ryan Palmer – W7 TechNet)

I have included another set of drivers below, if you are having problems try these alternate drivers.

You can download the alternate driver files from me here:

There is also another set of drivers you can try, this package includes other files that are not present within the other two packages, try this as a last resort:


Below are images of the actual device, Netgear made variations & revisions, if your’s looks nothing like this or has a different design or identification THE DRIVERS WILL NOT WORK. The exceptional photos are courtesy of my iPhone!




Installing the drivers

Step 1

Download and extract the driver files above. (Make sure you know where you save and extract them to, I recommend saving this file to the desktop)

Step 2

Plug the Netgear WG111T into your computer. Windows will tell you that it can’t find a driver, this is ok. Any dialog boxes  or prompts that pop-up when you plug it in, ignore and close. (Press cancel or close the window via the red ‘x’ at the top)

Step 3

Open up device manager. To do this open the start menu, right click on computer, then click on properties.


Then when the next screen comes up, click on the device manager link that is towards the top left of the window that has just opened.


Step 4

In device manager, right click on the tree item ‘WG111T’ which is under ‘Other Devices’ (you may need to expand ‘Other Devices’ to view the ‘WG111T’ tree item), and click ‘Update Driver Software…’


 Step 5

Another window will appear asking you how you want to search for the driver, click on the ‘Browse my computer for driver software’ option.


 Step 6

On the next screen you will need to specify where you would like Windows to search for the drivers. Click the browse button and find the folder you extracted the drivers to, then press ok. If you followed my advice and saved to the desktop you can just select the desktop as the folder to search. Make sure ‘include subfilders’ is checked!

Once you have found the location, click on the next button.


 Step 7

After a small wait, Windows will ask you to confirm that you would like to install the driver software it has found. Press ‘install’ on this screen.


Step 8

If all has gone well you should be presented with the screen below.


You can now join wireless networks! If this works don’t hesitate to…

Buy me a beer (or beers!)

Still having no luck installing the Netgear WG111T?

The Netgear WG111T is now a very old adapter, you might want to consider the current version. (affiliate link)



73 thoughts on “Netgear WG111T – Windows 7 x32/x64 Driver Installation”

  1. amjed says:

    i am still finding it difficuld to install the driver when i am updating, it says “windows could not find driver softwhere for your device….. please help

  2. Sandy says:

    Thanks very much for this tutoral.
    Followed all your instructions exactly, but the final screen said “window could not find software for your device”
    My o/s is windows 7 ultimate edition.

  3. Michael says:

    same issue as people above. WIndows cannot find driver softwear

  4. Oliver says:

    Hi All,

    Please make sure you point out which step you were on when you reached the problem.

    I’m going to try following my own steps again on an untried PC.


  5. Oliver says:

    Hi Guys,

    I’ve just double checked my steps and they work for me, I have added pictures of my actual device and also added more information.

    Both machines have been running Win7 Ultimate x64.

    All I can say is that you must either:

    a) be not following the steps entirely
    (especially the ‘include subfolders’ on step 6)

    b) Have a completely different device

    c) Have a older / newer revision of the device


  6. Owen says:

    Thanks for the drivers – followed your steps and had everything up and running in minutes and it works just fine

  7. bee says:

    Thanks very much – it worked perfectly- and i am probably as unsavvy as your uncle!

  8. J.C. says:

    Perfect! Followed instructions exactly and working great now.

  9. AdW says:

    Followed to the letter using 7/32bit not working…

  10. Peter says:

    Excellent work Ryan!

  11. Owen says:

    It doesn’t happen all that often but my PC keeps crashing and coming up with a blue screen saying that new hardware hasn’t been installed correctly and it the cause of it.

    The only thing mentioned is WG111T… so it’s obviously something to do with this. It doesn’t happen all the time but it can be pretty frustrating. Happens once every couple of days. Everything starts up and runs fine after and I can still get online – I’m just dreading it happening when I’m doing something important

  12. Oliver says:

    @Owen – Have you tried swapping the USB port that the adapter is plugged into? Also, is it running through a USB hub?


  13. Bo Jensen says:


    I just installed the driver and I follow your guide, but I still have a problem. When I want to go on the internet, I can’t get acces to my own router. I can find two others, but I don’t know the codes. Do you know what I can do?

    When I look down on the “internet”-thing in the right corner, it’s covered by a orange dot. Is there anything to do?

    Sorry for my bad english, you may contact me on this e-mail: – if you want to.

  14. Owen says:

    It’s running directly from the PC itself and I’ve tried swapping it through a couple of the different ports. It’s just annoying more than anything because it’s so infrequent.

    It seems like I’m the only one having this problem anyway so I’ve ordered an extra long cable to trail across the house instead.

  15. adeyren says:

    Thanks very very much worked a treat!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. ishita says:


    i seem to have thesame problem as the first few people on here windows could not find driver softwarefor the device. I saved it to my desktop, checked subfolders no luck. I have windows 7.Pleaseadvise.


  17. ishita says:

    Hello Again

    I think I have figured the problem out. Like me those who couldnt install it might have not access to the internet on the computer. So i was using a memory stick and then copying the file on to the desktop. So in this case you need to right click on the wg111t driver file on your desktop then click on extract files. Another file should appear after that. Then follow the steps as normal device manager etc and it should work. Thanks Oliver

  18. Roy says:

    Is this works for the WG111 ? i have not the T version.

  19. Dave says:

    Having the same problem as Owen, every so often I get the blue screen of death and im pretty sure it’s the WG11T driver thats causing it because the only other USB devices I have are a mouse and keyboard. Hopefully netgear will release a Windows 7 driver soon with no BSOD.

  20. couponlover323 says:

    I downloaded the files onto a flashdrive and uploaded them onto my desktop. At the end of the driver installation, it pops up and say ‘The file ‘Athfmwdl.sys’ on AthUsb Installation Disk is needed. Thoughts???

  21. green2go says:

    @couponlover323 Which copy of the drivers did you download, mine or Ryans? (I’m assuming Ryans)Haven’t had that error before. Download the file located below, it has the missing files.

  22. JakeExclamationmarkCarter says:

    I downloaded the drivers, installed it all and was using internet for about a week, then all of a sudden the USB stick stops working!!! And now I can’t re-do this because as far as my computer is concerned, the USB stick isn’t plugged in… What do I do?!?!

  23. dujumpp says:

    I had been looking for a driver for Windows 7 64 bit and couldn’t find one. I downloaded your driver and followed the directions and it works. Thanks!

  24. DavidLy says:

    thank you sir!

  25. jeejeeman says:


  26. WarmongerX says:

    Awesome thank you vary much!!!

  27. Soupy says:

    You are GREAT!!!!! You did what several Netgear techs could not. I want to thank you soooooo much!!!

  28. Batoche from france says:

    Your are the best my friend

    all work very good

  29. Alessandro says:

    You are the great!!!! It worked perfectly..

  30. spudnik42 says:

    thanks your awsme

  31. ryanmoodie says:

    Thank you very much. What a helpful article! Now finally working 🙂

  32. gpoly says:

    thank you!!!! it worked perfect!!! 😀

  33. mrVanich says:

    Thanks!!!! working 100% )) 
    Windows 7 x64 sp1

  34. vno says:

    Thank you. A thousand gold stars for the clear instructions everything works 100% on W7 Ultimate 32bit SP1 and digs me out of the hole of my laptop not being able to connect to my server due to too weaker a signal using internal wireless connection.

  35. Macushla says:

    Thank you so much! Family and friends were telling me to call dell or AT&T and whatnot, I really didn’t want to deal with customer service! This worked like a charm!

  36. sjhvljfvkjcvjhvk says:

    Thank you

  37. PaulGuest459 says:

    Worked for me so thank you very much. It did say the publisher could not be verified (or something similar) but I said trust it and carried on.

  38. spaceonthecloud says:

    Worked but it did say the first downloaded drivers were from an ‘unverified publisher’ rather than netgear as you show above! It is however working so thanks!

  39. renali says:

    thank you , thank you thaaaaaaaaaaank you , I’ve been looking for this all day and kept downloading and trying different things , this is the only one that worked thank you very much 🙂

  40. funkyd1v5 says:

    I think Netgear ought to pay you for this… Thank you so much! You’re a genius 🙂

  41. _RickSmith_ says:

    Splendid job! Many thanks!

  42. manasi says:

    FANTASTIC!! Worked like magic. Thank you for your blogpost.

  43. seniorspad says:

    Thanks, this worked first time! you are a star!!

  44. Germesis says:

    Work for my also.Thanks.

  45. Stivdotorg says:

    Thanks it worked first time

  46. efraimalexander says:

    Worked fine on Windows 8 64 bits. The first zip did not work (Ryan’s Driver) as it did not have correct hash. But the second zip packaged worked perfectly. Thanks!

    1. green2go says:

       Nice to know it works on Windows 8 as well!

  47. efraimalexander says:

    Windows 8 64 bits. I have encountered some problems after running the USB dongle for a few hours. The device is pretty old and may be broken. The WLAN settings, DNS etc. are lost every  minute or so. Pulling out and putting the dongle helps every time. not sure why this happens on Windows 8 64 bits.

  48. BenParker says:


  49. jsnpeters says:

    Thanks a lot worked 1st tme for me, had tried a whole load of others sites & drivers etc & none worked.  great job, well done , win 7 64 bit for me

  50. Gillimarie says:

    fantastic. Works a treat. Thank you Oliver and Ryan Palmer of tech net.

  51. HermanChow says:

    This driver also works on Windows 8.1 64 bit. Many thanks!!

  52. Pozzouk says:

    Spot on guys… took a few moments for the drivers to bed in but all sorted – Brilliant well happy!…….Is the there any third party tools available for mapping the home network???? and signal strength etc????

  53. Moji says:

    Thanks Man worked great! Leg.

  54. Manjuma Salgadu says:

    I’m using Windows Technical Preview (Win 10), which is still in testing stage. Even the driver software from NETGEAR didn’t work. But your driver software for WG111T worked absolutely fine. Thanks ever so much. Keep up the good work.

    1. oliver says:

      Great to hear it’s still working on the latest tech previews!

  55. Alex O. says:


    Big Thanks go to you from here. Your drivers worked just fine. I didn’t even bother with NETGEAR’s drivers because as you said it would install bunch of unnecessary stuff. Everything worked perfectly with your instructions and driver files.
    If it wasn’t for you, I would probably searching a solution at the moment. Instead I am done and browsing the Web:)))
    After over 4 years (almost 5), you are still helping people. Way to go my friend…

    1. Oliver says:

      Thanks Alex

  56. Deckchairboy says:

    Worked fine thanks very much

  57. Shele says:

    Perfectly working on Windows8 Pro. It is file. Tried Ryan’s, but not working. Just following instructions made it work. Superb!

  58. Qu says:

    You totall legend!! Had a new pc delivered and my wg111t was not being recognised I almost sent the company an email to come sort it out, first driver didn’t work but the 2nd download file did up and running again cheers!

  59. Qu says:

    P.s I’m running windows 10

  60. Ros says:

    hello. im using win10. i installed the drivers for my netgear wg111t. drivers installed fine (not the ryans) , there is a wifi adapter now in the list of adapters. but there is no list of networks anywere. and when i choose “connect” option clicking left button on that adapter it opens a new window with control panel and this is it. may be im doing smth wrong or there is smth else have to be done? thanx in advance for any help.

  61. Monica says:

    O M G!!!! I owe you big time. I can not begin to tell you how many hours I spent trying to install my old netgear adapter in a Windows 7 computer. This worked like a charm. You saved my day. Thank you so much!! Greetings from Mexico.

  62. please help says:

    pleas can you upload the driver, link is down, big thx

  63. babble says:

    Works perfectly, thanks !

    (For those who had issues, I tried ton install this adapter before with Netgear drivers, maybe some useful files are copied on my computer. Try this way)

  64. Rich says:

    Thank you, you are a star! Second set of drivers worked for Windows 10!!

  65. deed says:

    Great stuff, I had already tried 3 sets of drivers with my Windows 10 and they all failed

    Downloded the drivers from here and they worked first time with the first set of drivers and I am running perfectly !

    Thanks !

  66. Williams Rosales says:

    Thanks dude you save my day

  67. Mike says:

    You’re doing God’s work here Ryan.

    You didn’t have to spend the time making this tutorial and figuring this hair-tearing solution out, but you did anyway.

    Thank you. Seriously, thank you.

  68. James says:

    Thank you. Seems to be working well.

  69. This worked well…. i got the adaptor second-hand, without the software, your driver works well…. as for buying you a beer…. contact me when you’re in aberdeenshire, scotland and i’ll certainly buy the beer…. jake w

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