CountDown Gadget (Version 2)

A brand new rather old version of my simple count down timer. Changeable skins, font styles, sizes, colours, time display formats & more. Note that this gadget requires Window 7 or Vista, it is not compatible with Windows 8+. Features: A new more up-to-date look and feel Counts up as well as down Allows selection of […]

C# Animated Tray Icon

Overview Animated tray icons are a useful way of alerting users of changes to your applications state. Unfortunately the .NET frameworks tray icon offering doesn’t support animation so I decided to write a reusable component that extends the tray icon to incorporate the desired functionality. Another notable feature of this implementation is that it supports […]

The quickest way to add a custom folder icon in C# .NET

There are lots of long-winded methods out there that show you how to add / change a folders icon, below is a short C# class method that just gets the job done. To change a folder icon we need to accomplish the following: Ensure the target folder has the ‘System’ attribute applied to it Add […]

My big fat ambitious ‘bucket list’

“Anyone motivated to be successful—to really make an impact with your life—has a list of things they want to do.” – My constantly changing list of goals to accomplish before I kick it are … Personal Goals Paragliding license Private pilots license Commercial pilots license Fly for a living for at least year Move to […]

Building a JavaScript Toggle Button using jQuery

Not that there aren’t enough examples & implementations of javascript toggle buttons on Google, here’s another to add to the collection. This plugins main features / capabilities are: Cross browser compatible As accessible & screen reader friendly as possible Light-weight & easy to use Works with both image sprites & regular HTML buttons Single & […]