EU Cookie Law: UK Government ‘break’ the law they imposed

Following on from my last article on The EU Cookie Law, I decided to check and see whether the government had updated its sites to adhere to the new law it imposed in May 2011. Number 10 Downing Street No request to send me cookies. Looks like their using Google Analytics though! Website: […]

The EU Cookie Law: Problematic to say the least

Today I was posed the question, by a prospective new client, of whether their new web site would breach the May 2011 UK cookie law. Although aware of the new law, I will admit I had not yet looked at the actual legislative requirements, lets take a look. Where are cookies used? Cookies are used […]

Quick fix for the ‘Deprecated: Function eregi() is deprecated ‘ issue / error with phpThumb and PHP 5.3+

I recently upgraded a production server to PHP 5.3.6 from a much earlier 5.2.x build and noticed that the process had killed all instances of phpThumb on the server due to the deprecation of the functions ‘eregi’, ‘ereg’, ‘split’ & ‘eregi_replace’. See:- for a full list of functions deprecated since PHP 5.3.0. The messages […]

Using PHP to Encrypt, Decrypt, Sign & Verify Data with a .NET generated XML RSA Key

I’ve spent a fair amount of time researching how to sign data in PHP with a .NET generated RSA Private key that has been exported in XML format. There are many ‘half baked’ solutions out there that can only provide half of the functionality or that use exec or shell_exec to call on other components […]

UK Car Make / Manufacturer / Marque & Model Databases

I’ve not been able to find a decent source for a UK car manufacture & model database, so I’ve put one together using various sources. I’ve tried to match Autotraders lists, but I cannot guarantee complete accuracy, these databases were last updated on the date of this post.