Netgear WG111T – Windows 7 x32/x64 Driver Installation

Update Nov ’15: This guide reportedly gets the Netgear WG111T to work on Windows 10 (previews) as well as Windows 8 and Vista, read the comments. I recently needed to use my Netgear WG111T on Windows 7 / x64. There seems to be some confusion out there about how to ‘obtain’ / install the drivers […]

VMWare Duplicate Ping Responses

The Short I found that running routing and remote access on a Windows server with VMWare virtual machines causes the virtual machines to receive duplicate (in some cases multiple duplicates) response packets which drastically lowers the network adapters through put. The Long Recently I have setup a new IP PBX for my office lines and desk phones. We […]

Packard Bell Easy Note L4 series Sound Drivers / Conexant AMC AC’97 Audio Controller Drivers for Vista x32 / Windows 7 x32

Just in case anyone else is having major issues with getting the Conexant AMC AC’97 Audio Controller drivers installed on Vista /Windows 7 32Bit heres a quick guide. (Thanks to Harold for letting me know these also work with Windows 7 x32) 1. Download this file 2. Run it and extract the files to c:pnp […]

How to pipe logs from Apache to PHP / How to seperate Apache log files with PHP

I recently needed to do this for a client to customise and merge the logged data from Apache into a presentable format. A by-product of this was the ability to also roll the log file on a daily basis.I found limited information regarding how to do this most of which were methods that were faulty […]

Preventing HTTP TRACE Method Cross Site Scripting Attacks

What is a cross site scripting attack?: “Cross-site scripting (XSS) is a simple idea at heart: the attacker loads exploitative HTML, including a client-side script, into a web site, typically one which allows public submissions and which does not properly quote HTML tags. Any user of the site who reads the story loads the exploit […]